Kitchen Remodeling – What You Need to Know Before You Begin

kitchen remodeling

A kitchen remodel is a great way to update your home and add value. But before you can begin the project, you have to determine your scope and budget. Kitchen Remodeling Tacoma WA can be a simple cosmetic refresh to a total gut job. Regardless of the scope, there are several upgrades you can implement to maximize your kitchen’s value and create a space that will feel more comfortable for your family.


Cabinets can make or break a kitchen, so investing in quality is important. The average cost of new cabinets is around $15,000 but can go much higher depending on the materials used.

There are many different styles of cabinets to choose from. Depending on your style preferences and budget, you can choose from metal, solid wood, wood veneer or laminate.

The best way to choose your kitchen cabinets is to talk with an experienced home remodeling expert. They can help you determine what type of cabinets are right for your kitchen and give you a better idea of the overall cost of your project.

When choosing cabinets for your kitchen, think about the functionality of each piece and where it will be stored. This will help you plan how to organize your kitchen and save space in the future.


The countertops are one of the most important aspects of a kitchen remodeling project, as they determine how the rest of the space will look. You can choose from a wide range of materials to find the perfect option for your kitchen.

Granite, quartz, and soapstone are all popular choices for countertop materials. Each material has its own set of benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important to consider the specific needs of your kitchen.

Concrete is another type of countertop that can be very versatile, and can be used in a variety of ways. It can be polished to a smooth finish, sealed to reduce staining, and colored with special treatments.

Stainless steel countertops are trendy in both commercial and residential kitchens. They can be very durable and are easy to clean. However, they aren’t a good choice if you have young children because they show fingerprints and water spots quickly.

Ceramic tile is also a popular countertop choice. It’s heat-resistant, and comes in a variety of colors and designs.


The backsplash is a crucial part of a kitchen remodeling project. It protects your drywall from spills and stains and prevents dripping between the back of your cabinets and the wall below your countertops.

The type of material you choose for your backsplash can affect its look and feel. For instance, ceramic tile is a common choice, as it’s easy to clean and wipe down.

Glass tile can also be used to give a sleek, modern look. This option is especially popular for homeowners who want a low-maintenance material for their backsplash.

It’s also possible to create a mosaic-style backsplash using tiles and natural stone. While this is a more complex installation and will add additional labor costs, it’s worth the effort to get something truly unique in your kitchen.


The lighting in your kitchen plays an important role in defining the style of your kitchen remodeling project. A well-planned lighting plan includes ambient lighting, task lighting and decorative lighting.

Ambient lighting brings diffused brightness to the entire room and makes your home feel softer. This type of lighting can be sourced from sunlight or ceiling lights, chandeliers and pendants.

Task lighting illuminates the work areas of your kitchen and provides light to prep, cook, bake, read recipes, find ingredients, watch TV or do homework. This can be accomplished with recessed lighting, flush-mount fixtures, pendants and battery-operated LED puck lights under cabinets.

Decorative lighting is a great way to highlight the best aspects of your kitchen, such as your backsplash or unique island. It can also be used to bring attention to particular features, like an interesting wall pattern or a stunning sink.