Normandy Apple Tart

Prue Leith

Apple Tart.jpg



8 oz plain flour

5 oz butter

I egg

pinch salt

2 oz caster sugar

Almond filling:

6 oz butter

6 oz caster sugar

8 oz ground almonds

2 eggs

1 tablespoon calvados, kirsch, or whatever you like

few drops almond essence


3 – 5 eating apples, depending on size

half a jar smooth apricot jam, warmed with a tablespoon of water to a thick syrup. 



Set the oven at 200C or 400F, Gas mark 6 and put a metal tray in it to heat.


Whizz everything together until the mix forms a ball. Roll out between two sheets of polythene until big enough to line a 10 inch flan ring. Chill 30 mins.  If the dish is porcelain, bake blind. If metal, don’t bother. 


Whizz everything in the food processor (no need to wash the bowl after the pastry), then spread in the flan.


Peel the apples if you like, but no need. Core them and cut in half from top to stalk end. Slice each half-apple finely, keeping the slices in order. Arrange them on the filling.  


Set the flan in the middle of the hot oven and bake for 15 minutes. 

Then paint with hot jam.

Turn the oven down to 180C, 350 F, Gas mark 4 and bake for half an hour or so until the filling is firm and brown.

Remove from the oven and give it another brush with the jam if you think it needs it.


Best cooled to tepid or room temperature without refrigeration. If you make it in advance, freeze it and then reheat for 20 mins at 180C, 350F, Gas mark 4 and allow to cool. This will crisp up the pastry again.