Cured Mackerel

Frances Atkins

Cured Mackerel.JPG


1 x mackerel - filleted

1 x mackerel - smoked

4g fresh borlotti beans, cooked & peeled

1 small bunch fennel flowers

8 whole gooseberries

1 burrata

1 shallot, sliced


200g white wine vinegar

375g sugar

2 coriander seeds

2 cardamom seeds

1 star anise

1 small bunch of thyme

Gooseberry Gel:

300g gooseberries

200ml water

100g sugar

Frances 5.JPG



Mix all the pickle ingredients together and place on the fillets of mackerel, leaving the skin on and centre bone removed, leave in the pickle for 1 hour with 8 whole gooseberries and the sliced shallot.

Gooseberry Gel:

Cook the gooseberries with the water and sugar for 25 mins with a lid on.

Puree and pass through a sieve.

Let it set.

Blitz and pass again.

Vac pac to remove the air.

Place in a piping bag.

(If you don’t have a vac pac machine you can place in a piping bag and remove all the air.)


Cut the burrata in to 4 and place a slice on each plate.

Follow with a fillet of pickled mackerel, a piece of smoked mackerel.

Pipe the gooseberry puree on to the plate with the fennel flowers, whole gooseberries and borlotti beans.

Spoon a little pickled shallot and thyme over the dish if required.

Borlotti beans can be served slightly warmed